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  • Swys

    Swiss Army Knife meets Swiss Finance
    | All in one payment solution |
    Truly borderless money transfer.
    Open Digital Wallet Platform.

    Swys is an enterprise fintech engine that allows developers and companies to create innovative financial technology products and applications across multiple stacks including blockchain based solutions like bitcoin and ethereum. Swys’ technology underpins, the entire Renaissance Payments portfolio and drives Lumina Datamatics RightsPlatform, Expert Source Pro, and many other innovative solutions.

  • Criptoo

    Criptoo is the digital wallet platform for the future of money. Move cash and crypto with the push of a button and pay for goods and services with your email, phone number, or SMS.

  • CoinCasa

    CoinCasa is an innovative and secure cloud wallet for storing and sending crypto-assets (Send via email or user ID to anyone on the platform)

    Coincasa b2b Unlock the potential of your crypto-asset or blockchain project by giving your users access to a secure wallet with excellent UI/UX and a ton of additional services, including 24/7 support, 24fa, instant fee-less sends etc.

  • NodeCasa

    Run your own Masternode or Bitcoin Lightning Network node with the push of a button. NodeCasa gives everyone the ability to benefit from POS [proof of stake] and SegWit [segregated witness] Blockchains. Nodecasa helps you to grow and earn crypto by supporting blockchains.

    Nodecasa b2b Gives your users a secure and simple way to support and expand your blockchain without needing them to be linux cloud architects and blockchain experts. NodeCasa gives your customers (both with high and low technical savvy) tools to support your chain and earn rewards all with the push of a button!


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